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Male Hormonal Profile

Faced with the appearance of undesirable symptoms, such as those mentioned in this article and others that the patient

may come to perceive, it is recommended that the Man go to his specialist and

This will design the list of male Hormones that are ideal to evaluate depending on the case.

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What are Hormones?

The hormones  They are proteins made up of amino acids, produced in the body through each gland of our body, in order to generate a certain behavior in each cell of the target organ to which they are sent  to exercise its function.


For example, the  Testosterone  is a hormone that favors the initiation of sperm production in the male testicles, while the  Insulin  It is a hormone that induces the entry of glucose into the cells, to be used as energy and to prevent it from remaining increased in the blood. In such a way, hormones favor the balance and proper functioning of our body.


Oth men and women produce the same hormones, which differentiates them from one sex to another is the amount or blood concentration of these hormones in the body, as well as the age of each individual. So  Male Hormones are exactly the same as female ones, the difference is that men require that they be in a different proportion than women  for your body to function properly and properly.

Therefore, when we speak of the term "Male Hormones" we refer to  a group of hormones that are of vital importance to evaluate in men, especially in individuals who may be facing a possible hormonal disorder characterized by changes in metabolism, changes in mood, disorders in sexual performance such as erectile dysfunction, sleep disorders, changes in physical build and muscle mass, difficulty in concentration and memory, as well as various medical signs and symptoms related to increased blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, pulse, weight, heart rate, among others.


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