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The Importance of Chest X-Ray

it is a diagnostic test that is used very frequently in routine medical consultation and also in emergency situations.

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La Importancia de la Radiografía de Tórax, Complejo Médico Marbella

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The  chest x-ray  it is a diagnostic test that is used very frequently in routine medical consultation and also in emergency situations. It consists of capturing an image of the thorax thanks to the use of  X-rays, electromagnetic waves capable of passing through the entire body and reaching a detector that measures their presence at each point. In this way, the most solid organs do not allow X-rays to pass through (the  bones, which have calcium) and the lightest allow its passage (the  lungs, filled with air).


The test is very simple; In addition, thanks to it, clinical data of great importance are obtained to make a diagnosis and provide correct treatment to the person who needs it. The test is not without risks, since X-rays are used, which are a source of ionizing waves capable of mutating cells and predisposing to  Cancer. However, the carcinogenic potential of this test is extremely low. Of all the radiological tests used in medicine, it is the one that subjects the patient to the least radiation, and its benefits outweigh the theoretical risks.

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A  chest x-ray  when you want to study the inside of the thorax for a multitude of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are these problems:

  • Dyspnoea:  This is the name given to the feeling of shortness of breath or fatigue, which is usually a symptom of a  respiratory failure, in which oxygen does not reach the blood from the  lungs.

  • Chest pain:  chest pain is a warning sign of a  heart attack, and an x-ray allows us to rule out other causes of chest pain.

  • Chest trauma:  When a person suffers a blow to the chest, an X-ray can help detect rib fractures and rule out internal damage.

  • Suspicion of pneumonia:  a person with a cough, phlegm and fever has a high probability of developing a  pneumonia. Radiography is essential to establish the diagnosis.

  • Suspicion of lung cancer:  It is the first test to reach the  diagnosis of lung cancer. However, the  computed tomography  it is the one that manages to detect cancer more accurately. It must be remembered that chest radiography is not useful for use as an early detection test for  lung cancer  in healthy people.

  • Preparation for an operation:  It is an essential test to go to the operating room, because it allows detecting possible complications that have gone unnoticed.

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding:  chest radiography is absolutely contraindicated in these situations. If there is a slight chance of being pregnant  you should not submit to this test. Usually the doctor performs a  pregnancy test  before doing it. Breastfeeding is not a direct contraindication.

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