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It all starts with an appointment: Preventive Checkup

Many doctors call or mail a notice to inform their patients that it is time for the annual checkup.

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As part of the annual visit, the doctor should do a full evaluation to identify active problems and diagnoses.

The patient should bring to this appointment everything that can reflect the complete picture of his state of health in the last year  :

  • Studies and results of previous laboratory tests

  • a detailed list of medicines you have taken or continue to use

  • evidence or medical documentation of hospitalizations

  • a list of specialists who have treated you and the reason for the visit

  • a summary of the types of treatment you had in the past year  


To perform a complete exam, your doctor may order new lab tests and other tests to help determine any subsequent diagnoses that warrant care and treatment.


  Basic tests may include (depending on age, gender, among other factors)  :

  • Lipid profile (total cholesterol, HLD cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides) -

  • Glycosylated hemoglobin 

  • Hidden blood 

  • Mammograms 

  • PSA 

  • What's more  : Vaccinations


Upon completion of the general examination, the primary physician should compile a history of all the patient's conditions and treatments. If the doctor recommends a specialized and immediate service, he or she can refer you to a program that coordinates these services.

Some of these programs help monitor the patient's condition and offer recommendations on how to improve their chronic condition.

Additional Comment: remember that in Complejo Médico Marbella Laboratorio does not require an appointment, to know prices and other queries enter here and complete the form or by WhatsApp at (507) 6245 7330 


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