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Radiology - X-rays

Radiology is the medical specialty, which deals with generating images of the inside of the body by means of different physical agents (X-rays, ultrasounds, magnetic fields, among others) and using these images for diagnosis .......

Ver Artículo de "La Importancia de la Radiografía de Tórax"... ver aquí

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The role of the radiologist has grown not only through vast improvements in diagnosis, but also through technological developments that enable numerous interventional radiology procedures. A diagnostic radiologist is the eye of medicine helping the primary care physician diagnose and treat disease.

It is a technique in which the internal structures of the body are observed. The device emits X-rays that pass through the body in inverse proportion to the density of the tissues, producing an image on radiographic film.

In some cases it is necessary to go to the test on an empty stomach.

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Es una técnica en la que se observan las estructuras internas del cuerpo. El aparato emite Rayos X que atraviesan el cuerpo en proporción inversa a la densidad de los tejidos, produciendo una imagen en la película radiográfica.

En algunos casos es necesario acudir a la prueba en ayunas.

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